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Good ICO projects are considered one of the best and safest ways to enter and invest in Crypto currencies, as the financial return is very high, and the risk is very low.
However, with the huge and increasing demand for these projects, registering and ensuring participation in these projects has become extremely difficult! And most of the high ROI ICO platforms are tremendously restrictive in their participation rules. They either offer what they call “lottery tickets,” which qualify a micro small number of participants to participate. Or they offer, what they call “guaranteed allocation,” shares where participants must hold and stake huge sums!

Thus, investing in those projects has become almost impossible, and those wonderful investments opportunities have become the preserve of whales and owners of large capitals.

W LAUNCHE came up and developed a brilliant solution, where the shareholders form collective portfolios that hold decent amounts and register and subscribe to these platforms through these portfolios, thus ensuring the participation of the shareholders and obtaining the largest percentage of the projects’ tokens.
A simple, yet very effective and efficient platform system to form a whale of multiple shareholders!



AIH Ratio: 24.38x

Projects: 38

Guaranteed Allocations: Yes


AIH Ratio: 34.38x

Projects: 123

Guaranteed Allocations: Yes


AIH Ratio: 26.54x

Projects: 15

Guaranteed Allocations: Yes


AIH Ratio: 28.53x

Projects: 17

Guaranteed Allocations: Yes


AIH Ratio: 23.31x

Projects: 19

Guaranteed Allocations: Yes


AIH Ratio: 12.80x

Projects: 95

Guaranteed Allocations: Yes

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Residents of some countries such as the United States of America, Canada, Middle east, Australia 

and many other countries are blocked from participating in many subscription platforms, due to the laws of the countries in which these platforms were established. Our team is located all over the world


acts as an intermediary or bridge that enables investors to participate in the subscription projects they desire.

Multi Projects Multi IDO Platforms

Wide range of ICO projects from multiple IDO plateforms.

Guaranteed Allocations

WLAUNCHE  will be able to reserve their share through “GUARANTEED ALLOCATIONS” tiers.

The Bridge for Unsupported Countries

WLAUNCHE creates a bridge for those who are not able to join certain ICOs due to country restrictions.


Incentive rewards will be given for free or in return for performing certain tasks


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