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Telesostac Support

Telesostac Support

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 TELE SOSTAC provides you with the best service to supply real members to Telegram groups at excellent prices and high quality. You will get a large number of targeted real members who actively engage in your Telegram groups, which will in turn increase engagement and activity in your Telegram channels. We also offer 24/7 post-sale support to ensure you get the necessary assistance in case of any problems or inquiries. Additionally, we can provide you with tips and guidance on how to manage your Telegram groups and increase engagement and activity. In short, if you want to increase engagement and activity in your Telegram groups, our service will give you the necessary help to achieve this goal easily and quickly, at very competitive prices

After putting in a great deal of effort to innovate the best marketing tools that help marketers promote their products more effectively and make reaching customers easier and less costly, after carefully studying our competitors, and working hard for a long time to study social media platforms and create ingenious tools to manage them, we are now proud to launch the telesostac suite of programs for digital marketing, which are considered the strongest and best programs in the world, God willing. Now, we will explain what our suite of programs offers.

Periodic Updates

Good Price

100% Reliable Tools

Fast Delivery

Telesostac Strength

The ability to filter phone numbers and identify who has Telegram and who doesn't.

The ability to send messages to any number of Telegram groups.

The ability to send text, image, or any file to customers via phone numbers or usernames.

The ability to quickly search for groups and channels using powerful search strategies that make it easy to access and filter them with their complete data.

The ability to use multiple channels for sending messages simultaneously.

The ability to extract members of channels managed by an account, as well as bots in any group.

The ability to add random text to each message to reduce the risk of being blocked. 

The ability to extract administrators in any group and the data of any group or channel.

The ability to control the number of characters in the random text.  

The ability to extract phone numbers registered with names.

The ability to include time and date in each message.  

The program has an easy and flexible interface.  

The ability to take a screenshot of each sent message.

Each tool in the program has been tested.

The use of time intervals with new exclusive strategies for the Telesostac program.

There are many other features provided by the program, and you can contact us to learn more. By obtaining the program, you join the largest community and entity of marketers, offering marketing services and many gifts and different secrets in the world of marketing.

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6 month


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Lifetime access


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